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Unleash the power of your data with A4Data’s Patented Database Technology.

End-to-End DATA Solution

Next Generation Patented Database Technology

We help global enterprises solve complex data challenges of data silos of monolithic & pseudo-distributed Database management systems by leveraging proprietary rich Natural Language Processing (NLP), artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to the construction of a comprehensive cross-asset and macro taxonomy providing unparalleled access and equitable distribution of massive data.   

ETL Solutions for quick Data Ingestion

Our Patented technology allows you seamlessly integrate structures and unstructured data

NLP enabled Queries for Ad-Hoc requests

Transcend beyond the need for technical support to run Ad-hoc queries using our NLP enabled queries

Advance Analytics with AI/ML Features

Automate Analytical Processes with AI/ML, reducing time to gain powerful insights into your business

Natural Security and Protection of your Data

Our Database Management System provides natural security with Data Atomization Technology

Inbuilt IOT Structures and Standardisation

Deploy IoT solutions with standardized structures to analyse data and provide steady communication between devices

End to End Database Management Solution

An end-to-end Database Management Solution for all your enterprise Data requirements

End-to-End DATA Solution

A4 Data Solution Architecture - Data Atomization

Data atomization can complement microservices architecture by breaking down the data used by each microservice into smaller, more manageable units. This can improve the efficiency and scalability of the microservices, as each microservice can focus on processing and managing smaller, more targeted data sets.

End-to-End DATA Solution

A4 Data use Cases and where you can Leverage It


OLAP (Online Analytical Processing)

A4 stores transactional data as Dimension & Facts to enable OLAP on transactional structures


Test Data Management

Reduced time for testers to get test data for testing due to the ease of access to data using NLP


Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning

A4 provides inbuilt feature engineering functions that help a data scientist reduce data preparation work for modelling


Document Management

Majority of the words of a language or a specialization can be treated asindependent keysets


Context based Information Collaboratio

Stitch unstructured and structured data from multiple sources

Custom dashboards

Custom Dashboards for every Business Use Case

Create Widgets and Custom
Dashboards for Your Data
Gain Powerful insights into your Business on the GO
Full Implementation and Training Support

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Use Timeline to plan projects righe first time. how the pieces fit together
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Use Timeline to plan projects righe first time. how the pieces fit together